Seller's Guide

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, especially in today's fluctuating economy, and at GZB Realty NYC, we can help you find the greatest value for your property. Our extensive knowledge of the market, combined with unparalleled experience and service will ensure that the process is as seamless as possible and your apartment yields the highest possible offer in a timely manner.

GZB Realty agents put their clients first. The goal at our company is to find a buyer quickly, but also for the right asking price. Our brokers will inform you of the realities of the marketplace and then list your apartment appropriately, thereby attracting as many qualified buyers as possible.

As the seller you have the luxury of time, and can look for the best offer possible, which our agents at GZB Realty will do their best to provide for you. Our agents carefully study the Manhattan marketplace, and know when they are providing you with a top offer.

When pricing your property, there are some basic guidelines to consider. In New York City, the prices for condominiums start at over $1,000/sq. ft, while co-ops start at as low as $600/sq. ft. The thing to keep in mind when considering prices is that, in general, the bigger the apartment is, the cost per square foot increases.

Important Information for Apartment Sellers:

Guide for Sellers:

  • Choose a GZB Realty agent who is right for you. Our brokers are reputable and easy to work with and will help you navigate the apartment-selling experience, which can often be daunting. With a capable and experienced broker on your side, selling your apartment will be a hassle-free task, whichGZB Realty will help you accomplish.
  • Before you begin the selling process, it's wise to work with a GZB Realty NYC agent to find a new apartment to move to before you sell your current apartment. Even though the average time on the New York City market is about 137 days, apartments on the seller's market may possibly move as soon as they are listed. It's best to avoid being put in a position where you are selling your home without a new place to move into.
  • Be sure to get an appraisal of the apartment you are looking to sell. GZB Realty NYC can recommend a top notch appraiser for you.
  • It's a good idea to spend a bit of money on cosmetic changes and minor repairs to make the apartment more attractive. Making these small changes can help you sell your apartment faster and at a higher price. It's amazing what a few coats of paint can do when it comes time to sell.

How GZB Realty NYC Will Assist You in Selling Your Apartment:

At GZB Realty NYC, we understand that our reputation as a top brokerage firm depends on our ability to provide a smooth and successful transaction quickly and at the right price for our clients. Our team will do everything possible to aggressively advertise your property, and will provide photos, floor plans and virtual tours to buyers so that your apartment will attract maximum exposure to the right buyers.

We will:

  • Help you to properly price your home
  • Assist with design and presentation of your home to make it most appealing
  • Place your property on the market throughout the Manhattan brokerage community using various listing systems
  • Host broker open houses to spread the word and generate excitement about your property
  • Screen buyers, manage showings and conduct negotiations
  • Conduct all necessary paperwork and communications necessary in completing transactions